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International University Degrees

International University Degrees.

Introduction to marketing techniques engineering sciences.

Discover France : its language, culture, people and university system !

The IUT of Le Creusot (University of Burgundy) offers two university degrees, SPI (Engineering) and PTC (Introduction to Marketing Techniques) dedicated to foreign students. During this intensive preparatory year in French, foreign students will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in French culture and language.

Acquired skills

These University Studies represent the first year of a process to integrate foreign students in the French university system.

Three objectives :

  • Place the students in a situation of language immersion so they will be prepared to follow courses in management, marketing, sales, etc., (taught in DUT Marketing Techniques) or mechanics, mathematics, electronics, computering, etc., (taught in DUT in Mechanical and Production Engineering / Applied Physics / Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Help foreign students to know more about the methods of teaching in French universities
  • Reinforce and complete the required knowledge in different majors to enter a DUT / Bachelor Degree.


What to do after getting the DU PTC or SPI ?

  • 75% enter a DUT
    Marketing Techniques, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering,
    Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
  • 20% enter a 1st year of Bachelor Degree
  • 5% : other


Courses spread over 32 weeks, from 20 to 25 hours per week at the IUT, plus personal work.

Marketing techniques (four teaching units / majors)

  • Languages and communication, including 420 hours of French as a foreign language (FLE);
  • Business environment;
  • Management;
  • Sales Techniques.

Engineering (two teaching units / majors)

  • Languages and communication, including 420 hours of French as a foreign language (FLE);
  • Engineering
  • The first six weeks are devoted to intensive French courses.

Throughout the year, foreign students are tutored by French students (2 hours a week). French students provide foreign students with an individual help depending on the needs.

Requirements for entering first year undergraduate degree (at the end of the preparation year in French)

  • No teaching unit below 8 points out of 20
  • Minimum of 10 points out of 20
  • 400 points at the TCF (B2 of the Common European Framework)

Class attendance is compulsory.

Requirements for entering the intensive preparation year in french

  • Students must have studied French for at least 800 hours in their native country.
  • Students must have passed the TCF and scored at least 300 points (B1 of the Common European Framework).
  • Marketing techniques : students must have studied English for at least 300 hours.

To apply, please download the application form


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